Chosen Grace in Concert

chosen grace

Truly Blessed tonight (Saturday, October 13, 2018) to have Chosen Grace join us at the Emmanuel Baptist Church Lighthouse Youth Center to honor Pastor Kevin & Sister Beth Waltz. The music was fabulous and the Spirit of the Lord was strong. THANK YOU so much to all who came out to join us & God Bless each of you! — feeling blessed.


The Lighthouse Youth Center at Emmanuel Baptist Church – Opening Soon!

2016 has been a very exciting (and busy) time for Emmanuel Baptist Church.  In just 8 months, our dream of having a youth outreach building went from a pile of raw wood at the beginning of April to our first scheduled community event December 3rd.  It is amazing to see God’s hands at work!

Over 70% of the project cost has been covered through donations – both large and small. To each person who gave … WE THANK YOU!  and THANK YOU to all who donated their time, hard work, equipment, tools, supplies, food and drinks for the workers, suggestions, encouragement and PRAYERS!  It could not have been done without you!  God Bless You!